Enrichment Programmes... Beyond Books

This gives students the opportunity to listen and benefit from great minds who have achieved great expertise and fame in different areas and widens their horizons.

Special Assemblies :

Eminet personalities from different fields - liteary giants, scientists. famous architects and people from the entertainment world are invited to address and to interact with the students.
Model United Nations :

Jasudben M.L. School Model United Nations ( JMUN ) focuses on the current - international events. Open to students from VII - XII. Gives them an introduction to international politics. Students participate in other MUNS - Cathedral, Jamnabai Narsee School... which gives them the opportunity to learn about fine diplomacy, skillful debating & quick thinking.
Workshops :

Regular workshops are held to devlop and hone the skills of students - personality development, public speaking, leadership etc - are an integral part of the curriculum which is part of our commitment to "study beyond the classrooms" & which does not only focus on academics.
Multidisciplinary Projects :

One project is held every year wherein a particular topic is selected and is viewed from the perspective of the different academic subjects. Every student from Std. IV - IX is involved - powerpoint presentations, charts, drama, elocution are part of the project. Learning outside the classroom is vital for academic excellence - to be able to think outside the box is essential in today's world.
Educational School Excursions :

Education does not mean only books. Students are taken on visits to places of historic and cultural importance. An orientation programme of the monuments, cities to be visited is done prior to the visit. This aids in students appreciating and understanding India's rich culture and history. The comfort and safety of the students is of paramount important so these trips are always enjoyable and anticipated.

Yoga :

Which is an integral part of our culture is an integral part of our curriculum. The immense therapeutic value of yoga is ideal for youngsters pressurized and hassled in today's competitive world.

Art :

'Art is an illumination'. Acknowledging that art stimulates and encourages creativity it is an essential part of the curriculum linked and correlated with the other subjects. Regular trips to art galleries, museums and art exhibitions are organized.

Music :

A universal language, it is a vital part of the curriculum. Students from the pre Primary level onwards, are exposed to both vocal and instrumental music. Rhythm and harmony pervade the school environment throughout the day. In fact the day starts with soft, melodious music being played on public address system.

International Initiatives :

Which entail student's exchange programmes and video conferences.

Member of EuMind ( Europe meets India ) which encourages Education & Ecological initiatives between European and Indias Schools.

Co-ordinating with British Council on International School Awards - participating in national and international projects at school level.