Our Publications

Gujarat research Society releases a new publication with each mega event that celebrates a land mark year in the annals of the institute. Some of them are -
  • 'In Tune with Tagore' released during the Tagore Festival which celebrated Completion of 20 years of Jasudben M.L. School.
  • 'Horizons of Humanity' commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Jasudben M.L. School.
  • 'Mahabharata through many Windows' was released during the Mahabharata Festival marking 30 years of Jasudben M.L. School.
"Vibrations" - the school magazine is a record of the year's activities in colourful photographs and articles. Students' creative writing slills are honed as they are encouraged to contribute original poems, essays , short stories......"

Newsletter -

Twice a year Jasudben M.L. School publishes a newsletter to keep parents abreast of the happenings in the school.