Viyaan Rangani enters the SOF Hall of Fame

JMLite Viyaan Rangani has done us proud by earning himself a place in the SOF Hall of Fame. We greatly appreciate his hardwork and dedication.
Reach great heights, Viyaan!

Viyaan Rangani – Maths Whiz, Bibliophile and an overall Philomath!

Viyaan loves to learn and is always curious about things around him. He has a special love for Maths and he revels in finding numbers and patterns in everyday activities. He is also a voracious reader who began reading by himself at the young age of 2 years.

This love for the written word and numbers has translated into a plethora of awards won at numerous competitions, including several at the international level. Some of these are highlighted below.

 Grade 1 – 2018-19

·         SOF English Olympiad – International Rank 1

·         SOF Maths Olympiad – International Rank 1

·         SOF Science Olympiad – School Level Gold

·         GMSE Mental Maths Competition – Mumbai Rank 2

·         MaRRS Spelling Bee – School Winner, Zonal Rank 2

·         MaRRS Math Bee – International Rank 4, National Rank 2, State Rank 2

·         MaRRS Scientia Exertus – National Rank 5, State Rank 3

·         English Recitation in School – Winner

Grade 2 – 2019-20

·         SOF English Olympiad – School Level Gold

·         SOF Maths Olympiad – International Rank 1

·         SOF Science Olympiad – International Rank 5, Zonal Silver Medal, School Rank 1

·         GMSE Mental Maths Competition – Mumbai Rank 2

·         Ignited Mental Maths Competition – School Rank 1

·         MaRRS MathBee – School Rank 1

·         Hippo English – Zonal (India, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam) Topper – Only child from India to score full marks

·         Math Kangaroo – International Finalist among 65 countries, results awaited

·         English Recitation in School – Winner

·         Further Rounds pending of several of the above competitions, delayed due to COVID-19