House System

Jasudben ML School is divided into four “Houses” and each student is allocated to a house once they reach the Primary section.

The house system helps students of different ages to collaborate and focus on group loyalty. There is healthy competition between the houses to earn points, which helps them earn the House Cup at the end of the year. They compete with each other in quizzes, elocutions, debates, Spelling Bee, sports activities like Volleyball, Throwball, and Sports Day events of track and field.

The four houses at JML School are named after four great sages and scholars from Indian history


 Known for his austerity, power, and aura, Agastya was one of the greatest sages in Indian mythology. He was a scholar of natural medicine and an author of many hymns in Vedic literature.

Captain: Iain Sandeep

Vice-Captain: Aryan Hasija

House Teacher: Mr. Sameer Gajria


Aryabhata was the first of many major mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India. His well-known works from the 5th Century BC include the approximation of the value of Pi and the heliocentrism of the solar system.
Captain: Anuja Mankad

Vice-Captain: Vidhi Jain

House Teacher: Ms. Meena Sharma


This 7th Century mathematician was the first to write numbers in the Hindu decimal system with a circle for zero. He has also written one of the oldest known prose works in Sanskrit on mathematics and astronomy.
Captain: Vrinda Gandhi

Vice-Captain: Zamaan Merchant

House Teacher: Ms. Sarita Kukreja


Best known for his epic Ramayana, Valmiki is celebrated as the harbinger-poet in Sanskrit literature. He is revered as Ādi Kavi, the first poet.

Captain: Vyoma Mankad

Vice-Captain: Malak Gala

House Teacher: Ms. Shubhra Mazumdar