Our Campus


Jasudben M.L. School and Bloomingdales Pre- Primary School are part of the Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus at Khar West, Mumbai. The JML school in Khar, Mumbai is a welcoming and happy environment, conducive to the holistic development of every child crossing its threshold

Security at JML

Our imposing and thoughtfully designed school building is within a secure walled compound. CCTV surveillance cameras are strategically set up to cover the entire school, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our school community.

Yoga at JML

The heart and buzzing activity centre of JML school, the quadrangle, is almost always abuzz with activities ranging from dodgeball, throwball, and cricket, to yoga, basketball, and volleyball among others.

Science Labs at JML

Bright, spacious and well ventilated, all classrooms of JML School are equipped with age-appropriate furniture. In addition, our middle, secondary and higher secondary classrooms are technology-enabled smart boards and modern computer labs. State-of-the-art laboratories are available for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


Cultural Events at JML

Two large multi-purpose auditoriums bear witness to cultural events, literary festivals, musical performances and academic assemblies.

An extensive library at JML

Our library boasts an extensive collection of over 20,000 books across genres for every age category. A haven and research centre, the library is a favourite destination for our students. At JML school, we are committed to ensuring the Library is always up to date with research material and resources for our students and teachers, alike.

Nutritious meals at JML

Healthy and nutritious lunches are provided at the school Dining Hall. We also have a Canteen that offers healthy snack options.


Medical Centre at JML

Our school medical centre has a nurse and a visiting doctor for students and staff alike.

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