Sports Development


The Physical Education curriculum is specifically designed to meet the educational needs of students. It aims to prepare students for the changing demands of life in the 21st century and to prepare them for their own physical development. Students engage in the study of culture and its sporting traditions, analyzing gender issues, and determining different views about physical activity. Our students learn about team and individual excellence in practical sessions that include Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Table Tennis, Athletics, Yoga, Football, and Cricket. They are encouraged to participate as individuals and in groups to appreciate the benefits of peer support, team roles, and responsibilities, as well as perseverance and commitment.

Sport and Physical Education aims to educate the individual holistically and prepares students for a physically, emotionally, and socially healthy life. Students are prepared to be able to make informed decisions about their own health and physical wellbeing. They learn to identify potential hazards and to cope with them in a methodical and informed manner.

A wide range of extracurricular activities also encourages the development of team skills including cooperation, communication, and tolerance. Students can participate in team sports with opportunities for after-school and inter-school competitions. Our sporting facilities include an outdoor basketball court, volleyball court, throwball court, and football field. An indoor gymnasium caters to table tennis and yoga. For activities such as athletics, cricket, and swimming that are not available on campus, we hire those facilities at clubs in the vicinity, thus providing our students with access and opportunity to the entire gamut of sporting activities.

The goal of Physical Education in the school curriculum is to lead the child to the path of understanding the value of physical health & an active lifestyle and its direct correlation to wellbeing, both emotionally and mentally.

Some of the important learner milestones of Physical Education in the curriculum are to:

Become aware of movement as a creative medium to communicate, express, and appreciate emotions

Sports at JML

Develop the motor skills necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities

Sports at JML

Experience joy and satisfaction of achieving a certain level of physical mobility


Develop social skills that demonstrate the importance of teamwork and cooperation in group activities


Demonstrate the ability and enthusiasm to pass on to others in the community the knowledge, skills, and techniques that have been learned


Our school’s sports day on November 28, 2023, was a triumph of cheers, laughter, and sportsmanship! Students, teachers, and parents came together for a day filled with fun, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories. From thrilling races to heartwarming team spirit, the event showcased the unity and camaraderie within our school community. Thanks to everyone for making it a resounding success!


After a 2-year hiatus, we returned to the track for our Annual Sports Meet. Mrs Sarah Alphonso an international Hockey player officiated as the Chief Guest. Our students put on breathtaking performances for their parents from March Past to a Yoga Demonstration and finally a Lezim Performance. The students showed their skill and sportsman spirit in the track and field events.


2022 saw us conducting our 2nd Virtual Sports Meet for grades I through XII. The Chief Guest for the Virtual Sports Meet was Ms Sindoor Mittal, an alumna and former International swimmer. Students enthusiastically participated in the events and true to the spirit of sportsmanship they showed us that taking part was what mattered and not just wining.

SPORTS IN 2020-21

Online Edition

The year 2020 saw us switch completely to an online mode of teaching-learning. In keeping with our philosophy of providing the best to our students and teachers, JML School ensured all school calendar events were adhered to, albeit in a different format. Even P.E and sports were conducted online! Our PE facilitators were trained specifically to conduct classes online.

Our Sports facilitators even organised a Virtual Sports  Meet for the students.


Table Tennis


Badminton Tournament(Maharashtra)
All India Swimming Competition
Inter-School Basketball Cup
Goju Kai Karate Competition


Football match(Quater Finals)
Cricket match
Badminton Cup(Finals)
Basketball(Semi Finals)


JML School has had some outstanding achievements in sports nationally and internationally.

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