Founders’ Week

Every year, in the month of December, we celebrate community and education – two of the most important pillars that our founders strived to achieve, in our Founders Week.

Founders' Week 2023

Welcome to the highlights of this year’s Founders Week, centered around the theme “Global Warming – Perspectives and Solutions.” Our students, spanning from pre-primary to class XII, dedicated themselves to in-depth research on the multifaceted impacts of global warming, ranging from local to global scales.

Our youngest learners at the pre-primary level expressed their insights through ‘AWEsome Jungle Beats,‘ a creative showcase illuminating the diminishing jungles and forests. Their focus was on the consequential effects on the habitats of animals and birds.

Simultaneously, our class XII students undertook a bold venture, channeling their creativity into business modules reminiscent of Shark Tank. They envisioned practical and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by global warming, aiming to contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.

Additionally, students from Class VI B took a progressive step by creating their very own webpage to showcase their work, marking another stride towards sustainability. Click here to have a look at the webpage.

Furthermore, students from classes IX, X, and XII actively participated in “C’est la Vie,” a festival organized by students of Class XI. This event was brimming with fun, fervor, and friendly competition, providing an additional platform for our students to showcase their talents and celebrate camaraderie.

To add a touch of excitement, the Mini Bazaar featured a diverse array of products, including clothes, bags, gift items, handmade products, and various food stalls. This vibrant marketplace provided entrepreneur parents with an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents and products, fostering a sense of community and supporting local businesses.

Moreover, our art students showcased their creativity through a super installation inspired by Salvador Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory.’ This installation, crafted from waste materials found on campus, served as a powerful visual representation of our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, these students illustrated the impact of global warming and climate change on the five elements through a series of paintings, emphasizing the urgency of addressing environmental challenges.

This collaborative effort serves a dual purpose – fostering a sense of responsibility and urgency among students, teachers, and the wider community. By comprehending the local and global implications of global warming, we aim to cultivate a collective commitment to take meaningful actions for the well-being of future generations.

At the core of our approach is the belief that education is a potent catalyst for change. Through these initiatives, our students are not only acquiring knowledge but actively engaging in the global discourse on environmental conservation. We invite you to explore and join us in this journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Founders' Week 2022

Founders’ Week 2022 was a 3-day extravaganza. The Week began on the 20th of December with the Pre-primary event ”AWESome Tails” a day of fun games and activities for students and parents alike that were inspired by the stories from Panchatantra.

“TBA – Tenali, Birbal and Anabha” performed by students of classes VII – XII was staged at the ‘Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir Auditorium’. The play was a tribute to the wit, wisdom and humour of the famous Tenali Rama, Birbal and embellished with our own flavour in the form of Anabha. Click here to watch the play.

”C’est La Vie” was a festival held on the 21st as part of the Founders’ Week celebration, which was initially open only to senior students of the school, but this year it transformed for the first time, into an interschool event. This festival offered an opportunity for seniors to showcase their talents, interact with students from other schools and celebrate the spirit of camaraderie.

The “Kid Lit Fest” organized by Peek-A-Book was a celebration of children’s literature that aimed to promote reading among children and to encourage a love of books. The festival featured famous children’s authors like Jerry Pinto, Nandita DaCunha, Lubaina Bandukwala, Lavanya Karthik, Malika Ravikumar, and Imtiaz Anees, who spoke to children about the importance of reading and shared the inspiration behind their books. This event provided a unique opportunity for kids to engage with their favourite authors and learn more about the creative process of writing and publishing. The team from Amar Chitra Katha inspired the middle schoolers to create their own comics.

The “Mini Bazaar” was a part of the Founders’ Week celebration, where parents participated by selling a diverse range of products, including food items like churros and brownies, health foods, clothing, accessories, and artwork. It provided a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneur parents and for attendees to purchase unique, handmade items. The mini bazaar added a fun and lively atmosphere to the celebration and contributed to its success.

“Beat of Life” was a fitting conclusion to the celebration. It was a showcase of the integrated learning module in the Primary Section. Children of Std. I – IV participated by making musical instruments from waste materials and showcasing their uniqueness. They spoke about these instruments representing different countries from various continents and performed dances and sang songs to the toe-tapping music of those countries. This event highlighted the creativity, imagination and talent of our young students and added a cheerful and musical touch to the celebration.

“The Jungle Book” excitement filled the air as our school premises transformed into a mesmerizing theatre, purpose-built to showcase a spectacular performance of ‘The Jungle Book.’ Proud parents couldn’t contain their delight as they witnessed their talented young stars take the stage, dancing and acting their hearts out. It was a truly magical evening that left an indelible mark on both the performers and the audience, reminding us all of the power of imagination and the joy of childhood creativity.” Click here to watch the shows online Show 1

Show 2


Founders' Week 2021

This virtual 2-day fest showcased our students’ finest talents with different events planned section wise.

Day 1 – 21st December 2021

‘AWEsome Travelogue’ – Our Pre-Primary students went on an adventure with AWE to help him find his hat.

‘Science is my Superpower’ – Our little learners discovered the magic of science by conducting various experiments with everyday items found around the home.

‘C’est La Vie’ – The festival for our senior students, full of fun, friends and fervour.

‘Math-O – Magic’ – Our Primary students demonstrated some mindboggling math tricks.

Day 2 – 22nd December 2021

‘The Parent-Child-Family Quiz’ – 3 Parent-Child teams participated in this battle of brains by answering challenging questions.

‘Rangmanch’ – A smorgasbord of entertaining performances.

‘Letters’ – The School Play


Founder's Week 2020

This was a 2-day locally rooted and globally proficient Virtual Fest that included:

Around the World (Bloomingdales Pre Primary)

Chhote Kalakar

EXTRAVAGANZA – The cultural experience presented by Parents, Teachers, and Students of the JML Family

Locked Up in Lockdown – A series of short plays.

Other exciting events in the Founders Week 2020 were Story Time with Usha Venkatraman; C’est La Vie -Lite; THE VIRTUAL SOUK – the first-ever, one-of-its-kind Online Bazaar; Hats off to You and Characters Come Alive and ACK Family Quiz

Locked Up in the Lock Down

Founder's Week 2019

Jasudben ML Schools’ Founders Week of 2019 was held at the school premises as well as  ‘Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir Auditorium’.

The highlight of the week was the staging of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ by our students of Std. VIII –  Std. XI.

The play ‘Annie’ was performed at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir. This play had students of Std. I to Std. VII. participating in some form or the other. There were approximately 400 students that were part of the play.

Another unusual event was Pater Platter – The Dad and Child Cooking Contest! This contest was so popular that we went on to repeat this online in 2020!


The other equally engaging events included a family dance competition- JML Jitterbug; Thematic Exhibition; Mama-Mia, Mumbai by the toddlers of Bloomingdales  Pre-Primary; C’est La Vie by Std IX-XII – ICSE, ISC, and NIOS with the Christmas Party as the grand finale.

Founder's Week 2018

Founders Week 2018 was the first time in the history of the school when such a grand event was organised to honour our Founders. The inauguration of the week’s events was done in a unique way, with dominoes being toppled to reveal the letters JML. Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and Prime Focus’s Mr. Namit Malhotra, an alumnus, were guests of honour at the inaugural. Parents and kids got creative on a giant canvas that stood along the playground. Other events that took place in the week included a Dad and Child Cooking Contest which was a fantastic opportunity for the participants. The winners of this contest got free passes to the World on a Plate event in January.

The thematic exhibition covered topics such as Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends, and Magic. Students and teachers worked hard to put up a grand display around these themes. There were many interactive exhibits that engaged the visitors – there were quizzes, games, experiments, skits and songs. The Parents vs. Students Quiz saw the adults and kids battle it out to answer the question: Does Grey Matter? Maths and Science Games were a hit as usual.

The annual plays were performed during this week as well. We had two plays – Aladdin, performed by students of Std. I – VIII and Merchant of Venice, performed by students of Std. IX-XI.

Members of the alumni got involved this time. Some spoke with the students about the different kinds of career paths they have chosen. Some participated in a special sports meet held for them. An alumni evening marked the finale of the week-long festivities.

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