ISC Team

Mrs. Shubhra Mazumdar

M.Sc. M.Phil. B.Ed. (Chemistry)
Shubhra is a seasoned teacher with more than 23 years of experience, having worked in prominent colleges and schools. At JML since 2004, she serves as the Subject Coordinator for Biology and Chemistry. She is adept at utilizing modern teaching techniques and E-learning methods, and has attended various educational seminars, workshops, and meets, including Wipro Teachers Training, and has traveled extensively in India and abroad to deepen her knowledge of socio-educational and economic factors. Shubhra continues to innovate her teaching methods for the benefit of her students.

Mrs. Arpita Agarkar

M. Sc, B. Ed (Physics)
Arpita is a passionate Physics teacher and an all-India Physics topper for CENTA Teaching Professional Olympiad. She won the II Prize in the World Education Forum competition for technology-enabled learning in 2020. Arpita focuses on making learning fun and practical for her students and aligns her teaching methodology with NEP 2020.

Mrs. Vinita Koshy

MA, B. Ed
Miss Vinita teaches English Language and Literature and has a great love for the lost art of letter writing using pen and paper. She believes that in a world of instant messages, receiving a personal letter has an inexplicable charm.

Mrs Mayuri Variava

M.Sc (Biotechnology), B.Ed
Miss Mayuri teaches Biology. Mayuri loves teaching and can't think of doing anything else. She also enjoys reading and travelling and when she's not doing any of these she can be found dancing or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Mrs. Geeta Sanil

Miss Geeta teaches English Literature and Language, and is also an avid movie enthusiast. When she's not lost in a good book, you might catch her watching the latest Bollywood film at a theater.

Ms. Raveena Bangre

MSc. (Chemistry), B.Ed
Raveena's Chemistry lessons leave the students stunned and mesmerized by the wonders of science. She is a creative person who enjoys painting, DIY projects, and nail art. In her free time, she likes to watch suspenseful thrillers and romantic comedies. Above all, she loves shopping which is her go-to pastime for indulging in a little self-care and treating herself to something special.

Mr. Samir Desai

M.Com (Acct.), M.Com (Mgmt), B.Ed
Samir Sir teachers Accounts and Commerce. When Samir is away from school you might find him playing a game of cricket, going for a long ride on his bike or just watching one of the latest Bollywood releases.

Mrs. Minal Gokhale

M. Com, B.Ed
As an educator, Minal has a diverse range of subjects under her belt, namely Economics, Commercial Applications, and Commerce. She is also a culinary enthusiast, and loves to share her passion for cooking with her loved ones. Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is of utmost importance to her, and she takes pleasure in discovering new dining spots. Watching movies is a must-do activity for her as well.

Mrs. Shilpa Gandhi

C A, MCom, BEd, MA in Edu
Shilpa an Economics teacher and administrator, is passionate about using technology to enhance her students' learning experience through games and technology. As an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Teacher, she shares her experiences with fellow educators. Besides teaching, Shilpa enjoys classical dance and yoga.

Mr. Roger D'Costa

M.A. (English), B.Ed
Roger Sir teaches English Literature and English Language. Roger's wanderlust has seen him traveling and exploring the country on his Kawasaki Versys 1000. A former athlete he loves watching and playing various outdoor sports.

Ms. Naimita Raval

M.A.( Art & Painting), Art Master ( A. M.)
Miss Naimita is an Art teacher who has a passion for painting. She enjoys spending her free time working on canvases and creating miniature paintings. Additionally, she is a well-known voice on Aakashwani Mumbai's FM Gold, where she hosts the program 'GeetGurjari'.

Ms. Shreya Bhagattjee

BMM, B. Ed, Pursuing MA (Mass Communications)
Miss Shreya teaches Mass Media and Communications and is known for her eco-consciousness and playful personality. She enjoys animated movies, puns, and DIY projects, and is always looking for ways to bring joy to others.

Mrs. Paramita Goswami

MA (Economics), B. Ed, BLIS (Library Sciences)
Paramita is an ISC Economics teacher who has a wide range of interests, including a love for music of all genres (both singing and listening), reading books, and traveling. With over 20 years of teaching experience in various reputable schools, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her profession.

Mr. Pritesh Bhatt

MSc (Mathematics), B Ed
Pritesh Sir teaches Maths

Ms. Simran Bathija

M.A (Clinical Psychology) B.A (Psychology)
Ms. Simran, our Clinical Psychologist and dedicated educator. She teaches Psychology and serves as the Primary and ISC Section Counselor. Passionate about mental health and kids, she fosters a safe space for students, working closely with parents and teachers. Beyond her professional life, she's a trained Jazz dancer and a culinary enthusiast. Join us in welcoming Ms. Simran as she combines her expertise in psychology with her love for the arts and culinary delights to enhance the educational experience for our students.

Mrs. Sejal Sharma

M.A, B. Ed
Miss Sejal teaches Sociology, English Literature, and Language, and has a deep passion for travel. For her, travel is not just a journey, but an experience that requires careful planning, dedication, openness to new cultures and people, and a spirit of adventure. When not exploring the world, she spends her free time with her family.

Mrs. Tejal Mody

BE (Electronics) B.Ed
Miss Tejal is a talented Technical Drawing teacher who is passionate about both her work and her hobbies. She takes joy in sharing her knowledge with students and watching them progress, and finds relaxation and inspiration through her love of classical dance.

Ms. Abeer Premji

As a Mass Media and Communications teacher, Miss Abeer is a firm believer in the power of play. She believes that students learn best when they are engaged and having fun, and strives to make her lessons both educational and enjoyable.

Ms. Vanita Guntuka

M.Sc.IT (Pursuing)
As a computer science teacher, Miss Vanita is passionate about continuous learning and improvement. She uses her coding skills to create engaging educational resources and is always seeking new ways to integrate technology into her lessons. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading books and broadening her knowledge base.

Ms. Nishtha Gugnani

BA, MSc. (Clinical Psychology)
Miss Nishtha is our ISC Psychology teacher and School Counsellor. Academic excellence and emotional well-being go hand in hand for her, and she has a fervent passion for nurturing young minds. As a certified Suicide First Responder (NCSPET, UK) and a Queer Affirmative Psychologist (IIP), she values an inclusive and supportive environment in her classroom. Beyond academics, she enjoys immersing herself in the world of books, baking, and the occasional search for a new café on the block.

Mr. Ashish Tiwari

MSc (Mathematics), B Ed
Introducing Ashish sir, our dedicated Math teacher. When he's not in the classroom, he's off on various adventures. You might catch him enjoying his favorite tunes, honing his cricket skills, or embarking on scenic bike rides, especially when the rain is pouring. Discover the many facets of our Math educator when he's off the school premises!
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