Book Worm Club

Welcome to the Book Worm Club!
Step into the magical world of literature, where reading becomes an adventure and creativity knows no bounds. Our club is dedicated to inspiring young minds to explore the joy of books and nurturing their budding writing talents.

In our sessions, students will embark on exciting journeys through the pages of their favourite books, discovering the enchanting settings, captivating characters, and engaging plotlines. They will learn to identify the different elements of a story and develop their storytelling skills.

But that’s not all! Our club goes beyond reading and delves into the realms of creativity. Students will have the opportunity to write and illustrate their own stories, bringing their imaginations to life. They will unleash their artistic talents by creating vibrant comic strips, and delve into the world of poetry, experimenting with various forms such as free verse, shape poems, limericks, and more.

Join us in the Book Worm Club and unlock the power of words, where reading and writing intertwine to ignite a lifelong love for literature and storytelling. Get ready to dive into captivating tales, create your literary masterpieces, and embark on an extraordinary journey of imagination and self-expression.

Admission For 2024-25 CLOSED