EQ, SQ and Etiquette Club

Welcome to the EQ, SQ and Etiquette Club!

Our club is dedicated to equipping students with essential life skills that promote empathy, character building, a growth mindset, social kindness, acceptance, social etiquette, communication skills, and conflict resolution. We believe that these skills are crucial for personal development and building positive relationships.

Through engaging group activities and planned games, our club challenges students to cultivate resilience, grit, and team spirit. By embracing these challenges, students develop the strength and determination to overcome obstacles and work collaboratively with others.

Join the EQ, SQ, and Etiquette Club to enhance your emotional and social intelligence, and refine your etiquette. Discover the power of empathy, effective communication, and conflict resolution to create a harmonious and respectful environment.

Together, let’s unlock our potential, foster strong character, and build a community of compassionate individuals who make a positive impact in the world through the EQ, SQ, and Etiquette Club!

Admission For 2024-25 OPEN