Film Appreciation Club

Welcome to the Film Appreciation Club!

At our Club, we believe that cinema is like a piece of cake, as Alfred Hitchcock once said. Movies are meant to be loved, enjoyed, critiqued, and most importantly, to change your life.

Our mission is to help students understand human qualities better, cultivate empathy, and encourage diverse perspectives on life situations. We achieve this through discussions on character development, the technical aspects of filmmaking, exploring various genres, and learning how to write film reviews.

Join us to discover how characters learn and evolve through their experiences, explore the artistry behind filmmaking, expand your cinematic horizons by exploring different genres, and gain the skills to express your thoughts and opinions through film reviews.

Let films open your mind to endless possibilities, inspire creativity, foster connection, and evoke emotions. Experience the transformative power of cinema with us at the Film Appreciation Club.

Admission For 2024-25 CLOSED