Financial Literacy Club

Welcome to the Financial Literacy Club!

At the Financial Literacy Club, we believe in equipping students with the essential skills to manage their money effectively. Our club aims to instil a strong foundation in financial literacy, empowering students to make informed decisions and secure their financial well-being.

Financial Literacy – V-VIII


We’re a fun-filled club for students in grades 5 to 8, where we make learning about money enjoyable through hands-on activities. Our goal is to help students develop basic financial skills while having a great time.

In our club, students learn about the value of money and gain practical knowledge about savings, investments, and earning extra income through enactments. We also teach them essential banking skills, such as understanding bank processes, banking slips, and checks.

We believe in teaching students to save money and track their expenses. They maintain a savings diary, recording their weekly expenses and finding ways to cut down costs. This habit promotes financial responsibility and awareness.

In the future, we plan to bring the experiences of financial institutions into the classroom through games, plays, and enactments. By doing so, we aim to provide students with a hands-on understanding of how institutions like banks and insurance offices work.

Financial Literacy – IX-XII

Here’s what our club offers:

  • Saving Skills: We teach children the importance of saving money as a crucial first step towards financial management. By cultivating a habit of saving, students learn to avoid money mistakes and establish a solid financial foundation for the future.
  • Understanding Financial Concepts: Our club is dedicated to helping students understand key financial concepts such as budgeting, investing, insurance, and loans and interest. By grasping these concepts, students gain the knowledge to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives.
  • Practical Learning: Through various activities, students develop practical skills in managing their money. They learn to track their expenses, create budgets, set goals, and devise savings plans. Additionally, they gain an understanding of banking systems, explore different banking and investment products, and develop prudent spending habits.
  • Risk Management: Students delve into the realm of risk management by exploring the importance of insurance. They engage in discussions with their families to identify various risks and determine the most suitable insurance options. Additionally, they learn about personal tax responsibilities and evaluate credit card options through market research.

Join the Financial Literacy Club to embark on a journey of financial empowerment and discover the exciting world of money management. Equip yourself with the skills to earn, spend, save, invest, and effectively manage your finances. Together, let’s build a financially responsible future!

Admission For 2024-25 OPEN