Public Speaking Club – MUN & TED Ed Student’s talk Club

Welcome to the Public Speaking Club! Our club focuses on empowering students to become confident speakers who can effectively communicate with their community and the global world. We aim to equip students with the skills necessary to prepare and deliver impactful speeches.

In our club, students will learn the art of speech preparation, understanding the importance of structure, content, and engaging storytelling techniques. They will also be trained on effective delivery, including mastering body language, connecting with the audience, and creating a lasting impact through a powerful conclusion.

We believe that public speaking is not just about speaking, but about building connections with the audience throughout the entire speech. Our club emphasizes the importance of connecting on an emotional level, capturing attention, and maintaining engagement.

Join us at the Public Speaking Club and embark on a journey of becoming a confident and influential speaker. Let’s unlock your potential to communicate effectively and leave a lasting impression on any audience!

Admission For 2024-25 OPEN