Exploring Heritage: Our Art Students’ Journey to Aurangabad

24 of our talented Art Students along, from grades IX to XII, embarked on a captivating art study tour to Aurangabad. This expedition led them to the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora’s mesmerizing rock-cut caves, the elegant Bibi Ka Maqbara, the bustling Mogul Silk Bazaar, where they witnessed the artistry of handloom saris coming to life and the historic Daulatabad Fort.
Guided by expert tour guides, our students delved into the intricate labyrinths of the caves, drawing inspiration from the remarkable sculptures that adorned these ancient wonders. Amidst their exploration, they also seized moments to sketch these masterpieces.
This journey was nothing short of an enriching odyssey, providing our students with a deeper connection to India’s rich cultural and historical tapestry. Their artistic spirits soared, and they returned with memories to cherish and artistry to treasure. 🎨🏛🗺️
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