Visual Arts

Visual Arts is an integral part of expression. Sometimes, visuals are more impactful than words. At JML School, we firmly believe that every child and individual is unique. In an endeavour to help each student find their passion and tap into their potential through the visual arts, the school has been running a series of fun visual art projects. These are conducted to help our students express their emotions and reflections.

Unlock With Precautions

This series of art was dedicated to the time our country went through the peak of the pandemic and had just started cautiously opening up after almost two months of lockdown. The students were asked to express visually what the pandemic meant to them, what unlocking meant to them, and how they viewed the world at that point in time. Here are some beautiful and poignant pieces of visual art from this series.

Student Art Exhibition- X & XII (2020)

When our students select Art as an elective for their Std X (ICSE) and Std XII (ISC) Board exams, they are required to display their pieces of art for examination by the external examiner. We open the same display to students of the younger grades as well. This helps them get an insight and understanding of the depth and extent of study and research that goes into an elective subject in the senior grades.

This art exhibition in January 2020, is by the students of Std. X and Std. XII for that academic year.

Friendship Day

Students expressed themselves through art to celebrate friendships and their best friends through their eyes.

Student Art Exhibition- X (2018-19)

Students of Std. X displayed their artwork done over the course of two years. They also showcased their final project.

Stories Through Art

Our little learners from the primary school were encouraged to stoke their imagination to create their own stories and illustrate them too. This was conducted in September 2020 as part of the lockdown diaries

The Art Of Sales & Marketing

Understanding concepts through out-of-the-box methods are part of the curriculum, here at JML School. The concept of Sales & Marketing involved Std. VIII students who used the visual medium to talk about and sell their products.

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