You’re Never Too Old to Chase Your Dreams

Calling all dreamers and adventurers! Our amazing teacher, Mrs Amanyjot Parmar, has just returned from an epic journey that will leave you inspired!
Imagine standing atop the majestic rock of Everest Base Camp, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas. Mrs Parmar’s dream became a reality as she conquered the EBC trek.

“The feeling of euphoria engulfed me as I stood atop the Everest Base Camp rock on the 13th of May 2023, the destination of my EBC trek. It was a dream I had cherished for a long time. I believe it was God’s grace clubbed with sheer determination that made it possible. The journey/trek was enriching and the memory of those 13 days will be etched in my heart and mind forever.” shares Mrs Amanjyot Parmar.
“I brought back a bag full of indelible memories which include the unforgettable sight of rugged zig-zag trails along the majestic snow-covered Himalayas, the swinging suspension bridges, the colourful Mani (Tibetan prayer) wheels, Daal Bhat, the sound of tingling bells, rocks stacked on top of each other, a forest of blooming rhododendrons, cafes with mouth-watering goodies, the Khumbu icefall as well as the Khumbu cough, the sight of Ama Dablam (mountain) piercing the blue skies, fear of being pulled down by AMS (Acute mountain sickness), exorbitantly priced mineral water bottles, cheerful teahouse dinnertime gatherings, and many more.
This achievement (I see it as one) has made me realise that if you have dreams to achieve, you can do it at any age, with good planning, adequate preparation and loads of willpower.” affirms Mrs Parmar.
Let Mrs. Parmar’s incredible journey inspire you to reach for the stars, no matter where you are in life. Share your dreams and passions with the world, and remember that with dedication and perseverance, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

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