International Award for Young People (IAYP)

The International Award for Young People Programme, which delivers the Duke of Edinburgh International Award in India, is not just another youth organization, there is no uniform, no stirring anthem. And no, it is not going to strain your already stretched time schedule! It is simply a satisfying use of leisure time to acquire new skills, experience adventure and make new friends, young and old. The Programme is non-competitive and anyone with perseverance and enterprise, including the disabled, can earn an Award. Young people choose activities that are appropriate to their environment and best suited to their own personal interests and talents.
Physical Activity

With its emphasis on both individual sport and team games, is designed to build the sinews as well as team spirit. Learning to function together with other to build a team is an invaluable art. Sailors would describe this as learning to sink or swim together!


Did you never wish you had learnt to paint? Or sing? Or open up a car engine? Well here was an opportunity to learn something new. Not in competition, but just for the sheer pleasure of it. The creative instinct in all of us lies dormant, but is easily awakened.

Voluntary Service

“No man is an Island” said a 14th century poet. We know this to be still as true. Encouraging young people to get involved with the community in which they live was an imperative. Do we teach young people to eternally blame someone else? Or shall we get down to doing what we see needs doing?


Every young person thrills to this section. Away from the restrictions of parents – doing and daring. How wonderful to accomplish something you never thought you could do! The levels of the Award ensured perseverance – that they were not a mere flash in the pan! Anyone can undertake a one-of activity. But sticking with the job, spending time to understand it and to pick up the finer nuances, calls for perseverance. That is not a quality that comes naturally to the impatience of youth, and yes, we all understand how valuable a trait it is.

Jasudben M L School is proud to be associated with this programme. We encourage all our students to enroll and have two Award Leaders at the school to guide them.