Joy of Giving 2023

Spreading the Joy of Giving at JML School!

Teaching compassion, love, and generosity is at the heart of our mission. This year, our students came together to give wholeheartedly and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

In collaboration with Greensoles, students from all grade levels selflessly donated a remarkable total of 460 pairs of pre-loved shoes. These shoes will be recycled and gifted to children who deserve the comfort and warmth they bring.

But our students’ generosity didn’t stop there! They also contributed in cash, which was thoughtfully allocated to various noble causes. Classes 1 to 3 contributed to DEEDS, Class IV to NAB, Class V to Lions Juhu Centre for Children in Need of Special Care, and Classes VI to VII gave towards Hands that Heal. Our senior students from Class IX to XII NIOS extended their caring hands to Manav Seva Sangh Child Centre.

Even our pre-primary students, our little stars, made monetary contributions. Their heartwarming gesture was used to purchase essential items like flour, rice, oil, and more for our dedicated school support staff.

We’re not just about giving financially. Class X students are also engaged in a meaningful online teaching program with Anvaya to help educate and uplift others. Similarly, students from Classes VIII, IX, and ISC have been instrumental in supporting the students from AWMH during their Table Tennis Tournament.

Let’s not forget the profound wisdom of Rousseau’s words: “What wisdom can you find that’s greater than kindness.” Indeed, the kindness our students showed through their acts of giving is the true embodiment of this wisdom.

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