World Environment Day: Jasudben ML And Bloomingdales Pre-Primary School’s Environmental Initiatives

Jasudben ML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary promote sustainable habits and environmental awareness through projects, nature clubs, and charity initiatives.

Jasudben ML School (JML) and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary aim to inculcate sustainable habits that help students stand at the forefront of climate change from an early age, making them socially responsible global citizens.

The school has a Nature Club to inspire the younger generation to enjoy nature while also increasing awareness about important environmental challenges. Over the years, students have actively participated in various environmentally- conscious projects, including visits to the Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre in Airoli, creating eco-bricks, linen and plastic collection, sapling plantation drives, and e-waste drives with My Green Society. They notably also collected a significant 32 kg of electronic waste, contributing to its responsible disposal and recycling.

The school also emphasises the importance of giving back. Last year, 500 pre-owned shoes were collected and refurbished by the Greensoles NGO, before distributing them to those in need.

In its school uniform, Bloomingdales Pre-Primary—the school’s early childhood section—has incorporated designs featuring endangered animals. The school’s mascot is AWE (air-water-earth), these small steps aim to raise awareness and educate students about the need to conserve natural resources from an early age.

Principal Damayanti Bhattacharya says, “We believe in hands-on learning and teaching young learners the essence of giving back and caring for our planet. The school remains steadfast in its dedication to shaping young hearts and minds for a greener and more empathetic world. This initiative mirrors our commitment to fostering socially aware, environmentally conscious citizens.”

This article appeared in the Free Press Journal Newspaper, Mumbai Edition on 5th June 2024

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