ACK Storytelling Competition.

Storytelling is an art they say and a good storyteller is one who is able to weave his tale with just the right amount of imagination, humour, drama and mystery to keep his audience engaged. Here are some snapshots of our storytellers from grades I to IV who participated in the Amar Chitra Katha  Inter-house Storytelling Competition.

Congratulations to all the participants and the winners.

Grade 1                                                                                           Grade 3

Aryabhatta House: Karam Suri                                                       Aryabhatta House:  Zahra Boxwala

Bhaskar House: Kiaan Bhagchandani                                            Bhaskar House: Atharv Kambli

Agastya House: Mitalee Khambadkone                                         Agastya House: Meher Manghani

Valmiki House: Al Anwar                                                                 Valmiki House: Ceejay Remedios

Grade 2                                                                                          Grade 4

              Aryabhatta House: Marayam Syed                                                 Aryabhatta House: Viraansh Bansali

Bhaskar House: Rayden Rodrigues                                                Bhaskar House: Advika Kademani

Agastya House: Anaya Mahal                                                         Agastya House: Tejas Nair

Valmiki House: Dwayne Alvares                                                     Valmiki House: Ishita Shirodkar

Admission For 2024-25 OPEN