Fostering A Growth Mindset

This article has been written by  our student Aanya Passi of Class XI, Commerce.

Growth mindset – A prerequisite to success. Growth refers to the irreversible and constant increase in the capacity of an object or someone.

When a new class enters their classroom, the students sit on the seat they find free. The following day, we are tempted to sit on the same seat but if it is occupied we do not mind sitting elsewhere. But, by day 5 the entire class has their favourite seat on which only they sit. Even if some other seat is free, they will always walk up to the seat they label as their “own”. It seems like a normal phenomenon until you try to read more into it. Our brain is designed to conserve energy. Picking out a new seat every day seems unfavourable as compared to being seated in the same seat.

A lot of things occur in our daily lives that we do not pay any heed to since our brain chooses to recognize them as “normal” or nothing out of the ordinary. Mundane things like the working of an analog wristwatch, the mechanism of Wi-Fi and the internet, answers to why it only rains during monsoons, and much more do not attract our attention. Since we as individuals have accepted things as it is, it makes our thoughts weaker; thus creating a hindrance in brain development. It loses the spark in it due to the lack of curiosity and questioning.  If we start questioning things around us we not only gain answers to interesting questions but also train our mind to be sharper and much more developed.

To be able to realise that two people always do not have the same opinion is also a big achievement. Perception is a tricky thing and can cause downfall if not handled well. The day you start being curious about your surroundings and accept the difference in perception, you have already taken a step towards developing and implementing a growth mindset.

A Growth Mindset is a superpower. In an era where new challenges and competitions are the new normal, fostering a growth mindset is extremely vital. A person with a Growth Mindset will never avoid obstacles or fear failures. They believe that a person’s ability can be polished and nurtured over time, with consistent efforts. That is a complete contrast from people who hold onto a fixed mindset. Such people avoid problems, do not face their fears, and also assume that their abilities are inbred and immutable. Achieving success is not always a path filled with flowers; there are countless challenges that require to be faced in order to move forward. If one surrenders after being hit by one problem, one can never attain their goal.

Fostering a Growth Mindset is a transformative process. It enables the individual to unlock their full potential and sets them on a path that will always guarantee success. Such people are self-determined and never question their self-worth after a failure or mistake. They view the confrontation as an opportunity to grow and learn in the long run.

However, it is not very easy to slip into the mindset, practising it may span from weeks for someone to years for the other. If it takes you long, it does not mean you are failing. Instead, it is an indicator that your fruit will be sweeter than the majority. As young adults of this generation, we need to realise it is high time that we start accommodating this mindset into our daily lives.

Achieving a positive attitude toward learning is one of the first steps you can take to foster the Growth Mindset. It can be done so in the following ways:

Place yourself in a Growth Mindset Environment

This means that we should focus on surrounding ourselves with people that contribute to our growth journey. Get in touch with mentors, seniors, or anyone who has mastered the mindset and learn from them. Try to replicate their actions, and soon you will find your own identity as a stronger person.

Give yourself Positive feedback

No one can motivate you better than yourself. Practise positive affirmations about yourself. Replace the negativity that tricks you into believing you are not worthy of something and instead boost your spirits by encouraging yourself with various methods including pep talks.

Accept change and failure

One should realise that failure is inevitable. The more you run from it, the faster it will catch up on you. Thus, you should learn to pick yourself up after a round of failure. Accept that you are not the same person you were a few months ago. People constantly change, and trying to gain a new mindset will impact your daily life. So do not be scared of the change.

Set goals mindfully

If you expect to learn a new set of skills in a few days, you will always be met by failure on the other end. Instead, set goals that you know you can accomplish. There is no shame in setting smaller goals for yourself. Write down your tasks and wake up next to them. This will help you feel accomplished when you strike off the tasks from the list.

Pay attention to the power of “Yet”

Yet it is such a strong word that you will be surprised to see how it impacts your thinking skills. For example, instead of saying “I cannot communicate in Spanish”, try saying “I cannot communicate in Spanish yet”. This will subconsciously tell your brain that you have the capacity to work on that goal. You just need to get started.

Perseverance is a powerful tool. Anything is attainable. A growth mindset will surely contribute to professional success, personal growth and mental strength. It’s time to work on your weaknesses, not with fear but with a belief that you can do it; because if you believe, only then you will be able to achieve.

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