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This article was written by our student Aarav Gupta of Class X C.

‘22 out of 25 in mathematics! Where did the three marks disappear?’ These words spat out of Zoya’s mother’s mouth, like the sharp edges of shattered glass, that easily pierced through her soul. Her head hung down, eyes dilated with tears, she wrapped her frail hands over her face to veil it from being humiliated and disgraced further. Her mother sighed in dissatisfaction, she thought that at least this time, Zoya would score an impressive 25 out of 25.’ You either get full or nothing in such an easy subject like mathematics! Look at your brother, Ishaan, he aced the test again, bagging a full score’, her dad intervened. Zoya’s mind, reeling with the effect of the negativity meted out at her, could no longer bear their comments. She scurried into her bathroom.

‘What has happened to this girl? I am telling you, her phone is the root of all these arising problems,’ said her mother, particularly in a loud tone, to even make Zoya hear her out from inside the bathroom. Zoya tried turning a deaf ear to the horrendous buzzing around her, her face now damp with tears. She sniffled and wept, as she kept pondering- ‘Why me God? Why only me?!’ She had been striving tirelessly, sleeping for a pocketful of hours per night, to meticulously fulfil her strenuous goal of scoring full on a test. Now, she felt that all her hard work was in vain.

Thump! A banging sound that echoed in the atmosphere, emitted downstairs, was heard by the despondent and heartbroken girl, through her bathroom windows. She forwarded towards the window. Her damp eyes protruded, as a horrifying scene unveiled in front of her. It was her brother Ishaan, deceased, lying on the cemented ground as blood oozed out of his head and abdomen. He had committed suicide. On further investigation, it was found that he could not put up with the expectations of his parents. Behind Ishaan’s bright and jolly mask were his raw emotions- the misery and chagrin he felt to keep up with his bright academic future. Behind his constant stress and expectations of keeping up with his good grades, was a depressed being who was weary of the world and could no longer take it. Not once had his parents congratulated or cheered him upon his outstanding performance. Not once had they asked him about his feelings, all they cared about was the red stains on his report card.

The stark reality of their children was finally unveiled to the parents. The grisly death of their son opened their eyes and guided them in exposing their biggest mistakes. They learned to mend their ways for they could not see Zoya going through the same phase as Ishaan had.

Back to the present.

Zoya opened the main door, crafted with stained glass and rammed earth. Her hands shook as she clenched a paper. It was her report card. She has scored 85% in her examinations. Tears made their way down her supple rosy cheeks, her mother saw this condition of her daughter and questioned her. Zoya was trembling in fright to see what her mother would say this time about her ‘ bad grades.’ She closed her eyes while handling the report card to her mother, to hide from the raging emotions which she thought her mother would display. To her utter surprise, her mother wrapped her arms around her, weeping happy tears, at the success of her daughter. She tightened her grip around Zoya to express her immense pleasure at Zoya’s sedulous achievement. Zoya took this by surprise. Her mother had finally understood her. She smiled and cried in glee too. This time, instead of asking God – ‘Why me?’ She said, ‘Try me.’

By showcasing the tragedy of Ishaan’s suicide and the emotional turmoil faced by Zoya, the story can serve as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the crucial role parents play in their children’s lives. The story serves as a grim reminder, reiterating how the support, encouragement, and guidance of parents truly play a huge part in a child’s life. It highlights that the essence of parental involvement lies not solely in pressuring children to excel academically, but in fostering a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages holistic growth.

This article appeared in First Education News online portal on 29th July 2023 –

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