Impact of Technology on Gen – Z

Authored Article – by Kovidh Manel, Std 8 

Smartphones, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media. Generation “Z” is one of its kind, having been born into an age when technology is flourishing. The evolution of technology from the iMacs of the 90’s to the “Smartphones” of today, has dramatically changed how we view our world.

In the later part of 20th Century, the Internet was just being introduced. Towards the 1990’s, new knowledge helped the evolution of our world to the way it is today. Modern technology helped to create the smart watches, phones and even televisions of today.

The pros of the impact of technology on Generation Z are:

Social Media has made the Generation Z more aware about their community and other people. Many children and young adults take part in social activities. An article by Forbes talks about 11 different activities which are popular among the Generation Z.

Since The Generation Z has been born and raised in the age of the internet, they have become ultra tech-savvy. They have quick thinking minds which enables them to operate the latest tools and gadgets. As more businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), it creates a whole set of jobs for Generation Z in the future. With plentiful amounts of information available online, they end up making better decisions than others. Children and young adults have access to smartphones, the internet, and an immense amount of search engine tools.

Technology also has its cons which are very bad:

The over presence of teenagers in social media platforms dangerously influences their minds. Children around the world use platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The presence of AI in the platforms increasingly leads to harm. Nearly half of the Internet’s users are under the age of 25. Most spend 48 hours on their devices every week. Most of Generation Z has access to smartphones. Some also have Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The advancement in technology has not only made people’s lives easier, it has also affected their thinking skills and behaviours. Spending a lot of time on the internet creates issues for them. As self-esteem decreases, they may face confidence issues. Cyber-bullying increases the chances for them to face lack of confidence with themselves. An article by the Guardian revealed that up to 35% of people in the age category of 11-17 experienced cyber-bullying. They suggest that it could also increase due to the unbelievable rise of the internet. Gen Z finds it very difficult to make relationships with friends as they falsify their appreciation on the posts of their cyber friends. This affects trust issues and maintaining jobs in their youth.

To summarise, excess use of technology and social media leads to addiction and, in the worst cases, ADHD. Technology, if used wisely, can be a boon to one’s life! It’s a double sided sword. Generation Z benefits only from an appropriate use of technology.

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