ISC Topper 2024 Aryaa Sethia with 98.25% aspires to crack UPSC exam

ISC Topper 2024 Aryaa Sethia scored a total of 482 marks out of 500, i.e. 98.25% in ISC Exams 2024 and aims to become an IAS officer! In an exclusive interview with, Sethia shared her ISC Board Exams 2024 preparation strategy, career plans, tips for aspirants and more! Check out some interesting excerpts from the interview below:

ISC Topper 2024 Aryaa Sethia scored a total of 482 marks out of 500, i.e. 98.25% in ISC Exams 2024! Aryaa is ISC Arts Topper 2024 from Jasudben ML School, Mumbai. With Psychology as her favourite subject, Sethia looks forward to gaining masters in Industrial/Organisational Behavior Psychology, cracking UPSC, and also streamlining India with the developed countries of the world. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, CISCE announced the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, ISC Result 2024 on May 6, 2024. Expressing delight over her ISC results, Aryaa said, “I had worked very hard and seeing it materialize made me feel satisfied. A sense of achievement rushed through my body as I stood staring at my result.”

In an exclusive interview with, Sethia shared her ISC Board Exams 2024 preparation strategy, career plans, tips for aspirants and more! Check out some interesting excerpts from the interview below:

Q: Congratulations on your result! How was your reaction after seeing the results?

A: Overwhelmed! I had worked very hard and seeing it materialize made me feel satisfied. A sense of achievement rushed through my body as I stood staring at my result. I felt grateful to have achieved the score I dreamt of. Joy and excitement surrounded me while everyone congratulated me. I felt validated and couldn’t help but think of the times I was close to giving up but I yet continued. I gladly reaped what I had sowed.

Q: Did you score what you expected?

A: Honestly, Yes. In fact, I had made a vision board for my boards and had written 98% on it. The 0 .25 was a bonus!

Q: Please tell us something about your family background.

A: I belong to a supportive and loving Kutchi joint family. My mother is a qualified BEd teacher and my father is a businessman. I have a naughty younger brother who is in 4th grade. My family has always ingrained the importance of education in me since a young age. They have offered unwavering support and have been non-judgmental about whatever I wished to pursue. The role of hardwork and dedication was taught to me through their own actions in their respective workspaces. It is they who have always encouraged me to live life to the fullest and gain as much experience as I can.

Q: What are the challenges you faced during ISC preparation?

A: Covering up the vast Economics was definitely a challenge. Further, having just 1 day between the Economics paper and the Mass Media Paper limited our time for revision. The most challenging part was to stay focused and keep continuing despite the urge to give up. Keeping consistency in my study patterns while not sacrificing my health was difficult.

Q: What was your ISC Preparation strategy to score above 95%?

A: I was consistent in my studies. I took the small class tests seriously as advised by our Principal. Writing and learning were key to memorizing. I solved past papers and prelim papers to boost my confidence in writing the answers. Time management played an equally important role in the preparation. Revision and re revision ensured thorough learning of the subject.

Q: Which stream did you choose? How did you choose your stream? Did your ICSE score play any role in choosing the stream, or you were always clear about the same?

A: I chose the Humanities stream. Science was ruled out long back. Now the choice was between Commerce and Humanities. After thorough scrutiny of both the streams, I found psychology more inviting and decided that Humanities was definitely my calling.

Q: What was your ISC board exam preparation Routine?

A: I set daily achievable targets for myself. Writing down difficult answers and preparing my own notes helped me study better. Not even one day was wasted without studying even if it was bare minimum. I began studying right from the month April. It’s now and here. Tomorrow never comes.

Q: What are your future plans? Which career path are you aiming for?

A: I want to pursue Psychology Honours in the future and ultimately gain masters in Industrial/Organisational Behavior Psychology. I aspire to attempt the UPSC exams

Q: What is your favorite subject?

A: If I name one, it would be rather unfair for the other. My favorite subjects were undoubtedly Mass Media and Psychology. The world of Psychology enthralled me and immediately caught my attention. It was a plunge into the functioning of the human mind, regulation of emotions and understanding of our behaviors. It fascinated me enough to make me choose it as my career path. Mass Media, on the other hand offered many skills that are applicable to the real world such as Marketing, Advertising and Content Writing. The activities under it made me feel an inclination towards it. They were enjoyable and fulfilling.

Q: What is your dream college/institute?

A: As every psychology aspirant would mention, my dream college is Xavier’s and Christ in Bangalore.

Q: What are your future goals?

A: I has been my earnest desire to be capable to do something for the society and my country at large. I see myself as either as a Industrial psychologist or an IAS officer. Either ways I want to come up with a scheme/ strategy/ program which will place us atop the world. I want to streamline India with the developed countries and rest assured that will happen when our economy booms.

Q: What was your strategy to prepare for the subjects you didn’t like the most?

Ans: One step at a time. Studying these subjects in smaller units, setting small achievable goals was the key. Just as they say, everything comes with a pinch of salt, I knew that these subjects would make a difference in my aggregate percentage. So, bearing that in mind, I pushed myself to study those subjects and give it my best shot whether it was personally appealing or not.

Q: Please share some tips for students prepping up to appear in ISC Board Exams 2025.

Ans: I strongly believe that one must stay consistent in studying. Staying up late and night and trying desperately to finish the portion will just result in a disaster. Rather, start studying as and when chapters are taught in school, especially for subjects like Economics which has a vast portion. Write down the key points when revising. Fix a target per day, jot it down and keep upto it. Above all believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Q: Can you share some tips for students deciding streams for higher studies?

Ans: I’d suggest find out what excites you the most. Doing something that you like will increase your motivation and dedication towards it. Further, choose a field that has many subfields. This will allow you to explore the various possibilities that you can take up. Moreover, reasearch. Research about the available courses and the prospects they have. Study the placement opportunities and whether the chosen field will have sufficient relevance despite changes in the long run.

Remember, it’s the journey towards your goal that is more important than the goal itself. If you enjoy the journey,  you will surely enjoy the goal.

This article appeared in Shiksha online portal on 7th may 2024

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