Jasudben ML School Brings To Its Students A Musical Exhibition Through The Unique ‘Museum On Wheels’ By CSMVS

Jasudben ML School (JML), one of Mumbai city’s most prominent ICSE schools in Khar, had organised a uniquely fun and interesting activity for its students by inviting the renowned Citi-CSMVS ‘Museum on Wheels’.

The Citi-CSMVS ‘Museum on Wheels’ is an outreach initiative designed to reach audiences beyond the walls of the museum in Mumbai. Currently, the bus is hosting the ‘In Tune: The Journey from Sound to Music’ exhibition curated by CSMVS in partnership with NCPA. By inviting it to the school, JML provided its students from across primary and secondary till class 8 visited the bus to learn all about the origin story of sound and music.

The exhibition took the children of JML school through the journey of sound—from what it is, the beginning of music to the very first musical instrument and how they produce music. It also showcased a variety of ancient musical instrument replicas like the Ancient Harp (found in the post-Gupta period) and the Palaeolithic flute (based on a flute excavated in Germany which was made from a curved bone of a vulture’s wing). Apart from this, a musical bow found in India, South & West Africa, Mexico and Native America, and the Middle Eastern Dutar were amongst several other instruments on display.

Additionally, the students also had the opportunity to learn about the diverse aspects of sounds, such as resonance, timbre, and frequency, as well as explore the concepts of rhythm, melody and harmony through exciting touch-screen interactives.

Talking about this exciting activity, Mrs Damayanti Bhattacharya – the Principal of JML School, said, “At JML, we have always strived to encourage learning and development beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom and its syllabus, and the unique concept of ‘Museum on Wheels’ provided just that. Sound and music are not only a source of entertainment and culture but an integral part of our lives. The exhibition proved to be a perfect amalgamation of history, tradition, art and culture with science and technology. It was in keeping with one of the school’s missions to instill an innate curiosity among our young learners. The children were charged and excited to learn and visit a museum that drove up to the gates of the school, literally!”

JML School’s innovative teaching approach endeavhttps://bit.ly/3FeK4TF

ours to spark the young minds with knowledge beyond textbooks that will help them grow and navigate the world as confident global citizens.

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