Making Learning Fun Again!

Schools are using various strategies and tech tools to make online classes engaging, interactive and joyful for studentsBy Team ParentCircle

Social Media for learning

We let our children use social media as a tool for learning. We have a student-initiated forum called Junoon JML. This homegrown platform invites experts, who share their learnings and life lessons on a Zoom call to inspire the students. We also have studentled discussions and presentations. Experts talk about a variety of topics, such as career, work-related issues, environmental concerns, and studying abroad. These profound talks have given our students valuable insights into their field of interest and an idea of “where to start” when it comes to pursuing their passion. They have also helped our students network with professionals. Anyone can view these sessions on YouTube where they are livestreamed. 

Some of the interesting topics covered in Junoon JML forum:

  • “The Green Scene”: About climate change, pollution and sustainability, and how the youth can make an impact on the
  • “Aid to Educate”: Highlighted the admirable work done by the youth during the pan-demic to help     underprivileged girls, and raise funds and awareness for those dealing with autism.
  • “Paw-sitive”: Delved into topics ranging from animal welfare to the need for supporting stray

Tech-based learning platforms

  • Kahoot!: This is a game-based platform that facilitates learning. Teachers can create fun learning games in different formats (quizzes and puzzles), assign student-paced challenges for review, and gather student
  • Canva for Education: This platform is a real godsend for teachers looking to create and share engaging lessons and activities with interesting pictures, videos and Even students can create attractive posters and presentations with this design tool. They can do the assignments at their own pace and get them reviewed by the teachers.
  • TED-Ed: This lesson-creating platform allows teachers to structure assignments around Teachers can select templates and use videos and pictures to create customized, engaging lessons. The lesson format consists of a lesson title, a written introduction (“Let’s Begin”), a series of multiple-choice or open-ended questions (“Think”), a place for additional resources to encourage further exploration (“Dig Deeper”), an interactive class discussion (“Discuss”), and a closing (“And Finally”).

This article appeared in the August 2021 edition of ParentCircle Magazine.

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