Students of class IV visit the National Association for the Blind.

Khunda Khopade, Manager of the Department of finance raising committee at the National Association for the Blind, said, “All the JML school students are extremely well-behaved and well-mannered. This is a very special day for our visually impaired students because the first time sighted students performed for them. They all were very happy and surprised by the performance. Thank you Jasudben ML School & Bloomingdales Pre-Primary for this wonderful initiative”

In our endeavour to instil in our students empathy and caring for those who are differently abled, our class IV students recently visited the National Association for the Blind (NAB). While there they were shown how books in Braille are made, and how audiobooks are recorded they were also told the significance of the red and white stick so we see the blind using. A few of our students had prepared a song and poetry for the students of NAB and some of their students also surprised us with their performances on the piano, reading from a Braille book and solving Math problems to name a few. Our students were truly touched by their experience.

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