Viyaan Rangani Has Another Winning Streak

JMLite Viyaan Rangani continues to make us proud by earning himself winning numerous accolades  in various Indian and International competitions. We greatly appreciate his hard work and dedication.
Reach great heights, Viyaan!

Viyaan Rangani – Maths Whiz, Bibliophile and an overall Philomath!

Viyaan loves to learn and is always curious about things around him. He has a special love for Math and he revels in finding numbers and patterns in everyday activities. He is also a voracious reader who began reading by himself at the young age of 2 years.

This love for the written word and numbers has translated into a plethora of awards won at numerous competitions, including several at the international level. Some of these are highlighted below.

Republic Day 2023

 Viyaan was felicitated at the National Sports Club of India (NSCI) on Republic Day and was awarded a trophy and certificate (NSCI President’s Award) for Excellence in Academics. Viyaan also had the privilege of meeting a veteran of the Kargil War, Col. (Retd.) MC Choudhary, who is currently the COO at NSCI and organized the event.


Grade 5 – 2022-2023

  • International and Zonal Rank 2 at the 2nd level of the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad!  Viyaan brought home an International Silver Medal, a Certificate of Outstanding Performance, and a prize of Rs 1000/-
  • SOF International Math Olympiad – International Rank 1 having secured a perfect score for the 5th consecutive year.
  • GSME Mental Maths – scored full marks and Rank 1
  • American Math Olympiad – Gold Award from Southern Illinois University for outstanding achievement in the AMO.

Grade 4 – 2021-2022

  • Viyaan was awarded the GOLD AWARD for scoring a perfect 100 in the Math Olympiad held in 2021-22

Grade 3 – 2020-2021

  • All India Open Mathematics Scholarship Examination (IPM) – Rank 1 – (Viyaan will be receiving a scholarship amount of Rs. 20,000/-)
  • International Math Kangaroo Competition 2020-2021 – Gold Award having qualified as the National Level Topper. – (Viyaan will also be receiving a scholarship amount of Rs. 12,000/- from them)

Grade 2 – 2019-20

  • SOF English Olympiad – School Level Gold
  • SOF Maths Olympiad – International Rank 1
  • SOF Science Olympiad – International Rank 5, Zonal Silver Medal, School Rank 1
  • GMSE Mental Maths Competition – Mumbai Rank 2
  • Ignited Mental Maths Competition – School Rank 1
  • MaRRS MathBee – School Rank 1
  • Hippo English – Zonal (India, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam) Topper – Only child from India to score full marks
  • Math Kangaroo – International Finalist among 65 countries, results awaited
  • English Recitation in School – Winner
  • Further Rounds pending of several of the above competitions, delayed due to COVID-19

Grade 1 – 2018-19

  • SOF English Olympiad – International Rank 1
  • SOF Maths Olympiad – International Rank 1
  • SOF Science Olympiad – School Level Gold
  • GMSE Mental Maths Competition – Mumbai Rank 2
  • MaRRS Spelling Bee – School Winner, Zonal Rank 2
  • MaRRS Math Bee – International Rank 4, National Rank 2, State Rank 2
  • MaRRS Scientia Exertus – National Rank 5, State Rank 3
  • English Recitation in School – Winner
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