Encouraging Students To Connect With Nature.

The students and teachers of ICSE school- Jasudben ML school (JML) participated in the plantation drive. Through the sapling plantation drive, JML school endeavored to foster care and attention amongst all their students towards the motherland. To keep the country green and beautiful the students pledged to create and maintain strict and sustainable environmental standards. The environment pledge that students recite everyday “I pledge to improve the environment of my home, my school and my neighbourhood. For this I will plant and look after trees. I will not waste water. I will switch off lights and fans when not in use. I will not waste paper. I will not use plastic, and I will learn more about the environment so that I can help to improve it” teaches them the importance of keeping the country green and beautiful—starting with their surroundings. Furthermore, as a part of the school’s mindful environmental programme, the activity also aimed to nurture a sense of belonging with nature amongst the students.

This article appeared in Hans India online portal on 1st February 2022 https://bit.ly/3ufS0AB

Hans India print edition dated 1st February 2022.

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