Internet, New Playground For Gen Z

Authored Article – by Divya Ailani, Std 8 

The generation Z, also termed as Centennials, are the generation of the people born between 1997 and 2012. One unique thing about it is that we basically grew up on the internet. Anything our parents say they would do on pen and paper, we say, “There’s an app for it.”

Some elders say that we might be spoiled or spoon fed but we are just working in a more efficient way. A few decades into the past, one might have to go through an entire dictionary to find the meaning of one word, but not today. With Google today, we can find the meaning of any word, or in that case, the answer to any logical questions we may have, at the tap of a few buttons.

We love to meet and interact with people face-to-face, who doesn’t? Well to meet people, we don’t have to mandatorily be in the same location. With apps like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, imo, Google Duo right at our fingertips we can meet anyone, anywhere and at any time.

One cooler thing that we have is that we can purchase basically anything without having to go in-store waiting in long queues.

Groceries, clothes, stationary, food, furniture, you name it! You can buy anything you wished only with the click of a few buttons. Gen Z also accounts for more than three-quarters (77%) of digital buyers with estimates to reach 85% (over 55M) by 2025.

The oldest people in our generation are now scratching the surface of adulthood. Gen Z is coming, to become a part of the multi-generational workspace. It is a bit evident that there will probably be a vast involvement of technology in it. If our new ways and perspectives are dealt with in the right way, powerful forces of innovation and introduction of new skills and abilities will be brought to the team.

Technology and the exposure to social media platforms at such an early age has influenced our lives immensely. If channeled in the right way, it can be vastly beneficial, if not, it will have its disadvantages. We are, without a doubt, the most potential laden generation of all time. But as Franklin D Roosevelt once said, “Great power involves great responsibility.”

Like every other generation before us, the hope of humanity regarding advancement lies with us. With our whole lives ahead of us, we should look up with optimism because given time, opportunity and information, virtually everything is possible.

This article appeared in

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