Jasudben ML School Organises A COVID Vaccination Drive For Its Students

One of Mumbai’s esteemed ICSE schools, Jasudben ML School (JML) in Khar – Mumbai, recently conducted a coronavirus vaccination drive at the school for students from Grades 9 to 12, where a total of 175 eligible students received vaccination doses.

The vaccination drive was facilitated by a doctor parent of the JML school and aimed to vaccinate eligible students. Meanwhile, the school’s teachers, who were in charge of organising the entire procedure, ensured that the drive was carried out seamlessly while maintaining the necessary social distancing norms and hygiene protocols on the premises.

Commenting on the success of the vaccination drive, the Principal of the JML School, Mrs Damayanti Bhattacharya, said, “Mumbai has about 6 lac+ children in the age group of 15-18 years who are eligible for vaccination,  but only about 8 thousand + have taken both the jabs. In order to make the vaccination available to all our students,  we tied up with Cama hospital. Dr Tushar Palve, a parent of our school, very kindly offered to run the vaccination camp for our students.

At the start, we had an Orientation where the parents met with Dr Palve on a zoom session.  He elucidated the importance of the vaccine. There was a Question-Answer session when the parents clarified all their doubts regarding the vaccination and its after-effects. Once their questions were answered,  some decided against it, some were happy to go ahead. By facilitating this drive we were able to convey that it is time that children and teachers come back to school. We also made it clear that our children mean a lot to us and that we care for them. As the principal,  I can say that it was really our concern for the children who are facing learning loss or suffering from covid induced lethargy, anxiety that made me avail of the opportunity as soon as I got it. The drive was successful in every way.”

Dr Tushar Palve – A Doctor Parent who organised the vaccination drive says, “My team at CAMA AND ALBLESS Hospital heartily thank the respected Principal of JML School – Mrs. Bhattacharya and the school for trusting the healthcare workers and giving us the opportunity to host the Covid vaccination program. Also, I extend my gratitude towards the teachers for their immense efforts in making this camp successful. The message emphasised how most people have demonstrated confidence in the vaccine by taking it themselves and their moral responsibility towards the society and each other”

With the critical support of doctors and nurses as well as the school’s teachers, the entire vaccination process was conducted without a hitch. Moreover, a parent was also allowed to be present with their child during their vaccination process to make sure that the students were comfortable while receiving the shot and even after. While the smooth sailing of the vaccination drive saw all the eligible students successfully vaccinated, those who previously had contracted COVID and were thus ineligible to get their doses during this vaccination drive will be vaccinated later at Cama Hospital. This step further seeks to ensure that the school reopens to a safe environment for its students and the staff in the future.

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