Mumbai students bag top spots in national math game-a-thon

You ever thought math wasn’t fun? Think again! It’s also creative and brings  on a cool challenge as Mumbai’s youngsters recently found. Three school students bagged top spots in a national app-based math game and they sure had a blast doing so.

Making time to participate before exams

The Covid-19 pandemic saw kids take up home learning like never before with every subject being taught online, including math. This isn’t too high on most people’s fave list, however, there are educative ways to make the subject interesting and a math learning tool prodigy got them to take up maths in ways in which different levels of the game bring up excitement and adventure while also getting kids to hone their subject skills. In a recent national game-a-thon, Mumbai’s Jasudben ML School secured second rank as its students took on the interactive puzzles and came out top three winners. Dia Kamath, who got the 1st place was elated. “A challenge is fun to take up and this one was motivating as there were online adventures and rewards.”Tristan D’Souza, student of Jasudben ML School who came second , was also thrilled by his achievement. He says, “I enjoyed every minute of the experience. I can’t believe that math could be so much fun. The games were cool, especially where I could battle my friends, and gain points. It helped me sharpen my math skills. As my final exams were just around the corner O could not play as much as I would have liked to, however I and already looking forward to the next game-a-thon. ” Dia Gandhi, another winner from the school shares , ” I feel really elated about the win. As our exams were drawing near, finding time for this in a busy schedule was the main challenge I faced. It was so different to see the concepts captured in a particular chapter by the way of witty questions.”

‘Rather than fearing math, we can learn to deeply understand and embrace it’ 

Mitali Walvekar who bagged Best Math Teacher in the fifth place, shares something a lot of people will resonate with. ” My first memory of arriving at solutions traces back to the subject of math. Each time I would arrive at conclusions, it made me feel confident and powerful. I want to give my students the same kind of power that I experience through numbers and to instill the habit that rather than fearing math, we can learn to deeply understand and embrace it because there is a solution waiting at the end of each problem,” she says. Adds Mrs Bhattacharya , Principal of the school, ” I think the fact the children are able to succeed is because we do encourage the growth of the scientific temperament in school. We also want the students to be free thinkers and be the best versions of themselves in whatever field it may be.”

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